The Adamantine Particles: Building Blocks of Reality

This is a master teaching about the adamantine particles, the smallest irreducible particles of matter, which quantum physics calls the Higgs boson and popular culture has dubbed "the God particle."It is a cornerstone of cosmology and will form the basis of much of my map-making work.


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I ran across the idea of adamantine particles, the smallest irreducible particles of matter from which everything in the universe is made, in Glenda Green’s account of her extended conversation with Jesus, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. During that experience, he taught her many things, but the teaching about the adamantine particles was particularly interesting. It’s become a foundation for much of my innovative (out there?) thinking. I don’t see it out there online very much, so I thought I’d try to introduce it in this post. I’m also going to do my best to bring in a bit of quantum physics.

The adamantine particles actually form part of the fundamental trinity of the universe as Jesus describes it to Glenda Green. In this trinity, Love stands atop the pyramid or triangle, and at the base corners rest Spirit and the Adamantine Particles. Because the whole trinity is such a cool teaching, this is it in a nutshell:

The Fundamental Trinity according to Love Without End: Love - Love is the name of God, and Love is your name as well. Spirit - There is but one spirit. In spirit, we live one life. Adamantine Particles - The building blocks of existence, the body of God. Source: Glenda Green, Love Without End, 2011 Smashwords ebook ed., pp. 44-48.


“Love is the name of God, and Love is your name as well. In that, you are created in the likeness of God. You are known and shall always be known by the nature of your love,” he says. [1] Elsewhere he affirms that individuality comes not from the Spirit, nor from the admantine particles, but from your love. If you think about it, you know this: this is how the love of your mother or your beloved pet or best friend feels unmistakeable and like no one else’s. “Love is the essence of true beingness. Love is not something that you do or don’t do, give or don’t give, receive or don’t receive. In other words it is not a commodity […] Love is WHO you are.” [2] More on love in other posts, but suffice it to say, it is neither sentimental, nor is it feelings, desires, or preferences, nor is it approval, but something more powerful and intrinsic. It is to able to hold the paradox of loving your enemies and forgiving your betrayers. In at least one place, Jesus aligns love with honesty. Read more in Why Love Your Enemies Is A Revolutionary Act.


“There is but one spirit. Spirit is in all things, around all things, with all things, and of all things. There is no such thing as spirit being isolated to a pure zone, apart from manifest creation.” [3] This was the first master I’d read who declares that there is no separation between the body and the spirit, the corporeal and invisible. It took me a long time to come around to this teaching, but my work with the archetypes of Taurus and Venus all pointed in the same direction and my Ah-ha! finally came. The notion of the Living Earth which is dawning in culture and consciousness only deepens my conviction that this is true. (Read/listen to more in Reflections on Venus, The Morning Star, Episode 8 on the podcast.) He adds, “It is through the oneness of spirit that the miracle of prayer can work. It is through the oneness of spirit that the power of dreams, of visions, and of prophecies can work. In the spirit we are one. Therefore in spirit we live one life, a unified state of brotherhood, in a state of common awareness and seeking–either enlightenment and uplifting, or darkness and down pulling–whichever way one chooses it to be. Regardless of how your experience unfolds, we are of one spirit, and your experience is shared by all.” [4] We are all in the soup togther. There’s no escaping touching and being touched by each other, and held in each others’ experience.

Adamantine Particles

The third and final point of the trinity requires a little more elaboration because it involves concepts that are at the frontiers of theoretical physics whose counterpoint civilian concepts are only now entering the culture. Some of Jesus’ elabrations are SO COOL that I can’t wait to describe them! But I’ll start with the first background principle, which he described like this: “There is a matrix of potential that precedes all energy mass. Its particle units are utterly generic in nature, and are the basic, irreducible components of physical existence.”

And indeed, this is how quantum physics describes the Higgs field: as an omnipresent scalar field of potential which gives some particles mass. Here is a short, easy-to-understand video about that:

Or, if you like the analogy of Beyonce’s party mass, here is Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining it in a few entertaining minutes:

Beyond this, there are miles to go in current scientific understanding of the Higgs field and its particles 🙂 As Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez, who was involved in the search for the Higgs boson at CERN, said in 2020, “The discovery of the Higgs boson was a historic event, but we are still only at the beginning in our understanding of this new particle.” [5]

Irreducible While Defining Dimension

Love Without End does have more to add in a number of areas. If you’re a skeptic, you’re probably not reading this. But if so, I invite you to just try to absorb and mull over these ideas without worrying about their source. First of all, Jesus explains why he calls them both “adamantine particles” and “particles of infinity”: “‘Adamantine’ comes from the root word ‘adamant,’ which means unsubmitting, impenetrable, unyielding. This particle is so small that it is irreducible, non-negotiable, fundamental and utterly elemental. […] the term ‘particle of infinity’ refers to its function, for it is basic to all physical existence without dimensional limitation.” [6] Rather, he explains, “their very existence establishes dimension,” [7] and elsewhere that they belong to all dimensions. He actually talks a lot about infinity, but I think I’ll leave most of that for another discussion.

CERN’s search for the Higgs boson particle has been complicated by its tendency to quickly split into smaller particles after appearing. Is this because the particles they’re looking at aren’t the ones he’s describing, or is there another explanation? I don’t know because I don’t have a big math brain, but Jesus says this about the Higgs field: “Adamantine particles are the only particles that actually create mass. Simply put, they are the primary emanation points where energy and mass are the same. The matrix from which they spring is the continuous substance of undefined potential, which is the eminent and undivided presence of the one spirit.” [8]

The Adamantine Particles Record Experience

He goes on to describe adamantine particles in so many ways. Although they are utterly generic, like pixels, adamantine particles “have memory and retain experience. Therefore love, in directing the flow of life, tends to allow tendencies and preferences to beget further experiences along the same lines. This is further reinforced by the fact that adamantine particles which have already been committed to form, are still locked up in the more complex particles of neutrons and electrons, not to mention the atomic arrangement of such elements as hydrogen or oxygen, which still persist even though the tree is now flower bed mulch. When the tree dies, the adamantine particles that comprised its life force, usually go on to be another tree. Actually, this is what life is–a free and unstructured supply of adamantine particles operating under the influence of love. Life is just love in action.” [9]

Commanded by Love

And indeed, fundamentally, adamantine particles are commanded by love. If you accept a broader view of love that holds life as love in action, you might begin to grasp this mechanism more directly. On a personal level, the heart attracts adamantine particles magnetically. You then command them with your love.

Adamantine Radiance

They make up both the limited world of matter and the timeless infinities that illuminate all dimensions, the light of consciousness and other more ineffable realities. Apparently, we used to be able to perceive them with the naked eye! He says, “Some people can perceive adamantine radiance with the naked eye. It’s an ancient perception that most people have allowed to become dormant. That is what people mean when they see auras, or glowing radiance around things. But like smell, the ability to see adamantine particles was once strong in everyone. Thousands of years ago it was a survival sense pertaining to the selection of food and medicine, as well as friend and foe. Animals still use it today. It is by this sense that a bird knows a poison seed from an herb which can rid him of lice. Upon approaching a benevolent seed which the bird needs, the adamantine particles will glow. In the presence of a harmful situation they will dim.” [10] This does raise questions, like the about the situation with animals eating plastic trash! Hmm. We’ll bookmark that and dig into it. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

Exchanging Particles

The notion of exchanging adamantine particles, including as a medium for exchanging information or healing, is a common theme in Jesus’ teachings. He talks about the importance of getting out of stale routines and changing up your environment, going on a vacation or taking up a new hobby. “It is healing just to interact freely with life, and to receive a fresh new supply of adamantine particles. Inhale them, enjoy the abundance around you.” [11] Moral dimensions are revealed as well by their flow. “When your life has been lived with a very clear purpose and when your love has been directed to principles and thoughts that carry it to higher planes of consciousness, then the treasures of your life will be stored more safely. On the other hand, when a person’s love and life have been unclear and confused, peppered with insincerity and betrayal, his life particles can become lost in the lives of those he has hurt. This is not good for anyone concerned. All too often these lost particles are held hostage until debts are paid, which can cause great pain and confusion to all parties. It would be so much easier and healthier to forgive and to release.” [12]

Ownership and Possession

Another area he explores quite a lot is the notion of ownership and possessions as these apply to the adamantine particles as well as more generally. Here are just a few ideas: “Whatever you have purchased with money, service, duty, or obligation–but have no love for–will actually own you until eventually one or more forces of the universe will rip it from your hands, and mercifully set you free.” [13] Whereas, “Wealth is the harvest of love. […] All that you have ever loved is what draws to you…the affairs of your life, the friends of your life, the family that expands your life, and the dreams that extend your life.” [14]

The Best for Last: What Happens to Adamantine Particles When You Die

Finally, this is the piece that has stayed with me for decades. There are just so many implications, both scientific, psychological, genetic, and esoteric! This is what happens to the adamantine particles when you die:

“Uncountable legions of adamantine particles simply belong to the universe, bequeathed by the Creator for common use through the forming of such elements as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and so forth. Such particles would return to their common matrix. Trillions to the cube root belong to the human race and would recirculate into newborn children according to ways in which their love resembles the pathway of love you left behind. Billions of adamantine particles have come to you through your family line and will return there to support future generations of children, according to similarities of love that you would have shared with them. In the days following your departure, the particles which you have exchanged with others, for the mutual sharing of life, will return to their rightful donors. However, at the moment of your passing, all the particles, which you have personally magnetized by your heart and used in the creation of your life, will leave with you. They will either attach to your soul, or else travel to a place that you have marked with love, and will wait until your heart calls them forth again. Either way, they are yours forever. Often such points of love are designated collectively by friends and family who wish to continue together in eternity or to return to some plane of existence and work together again.” [15]

I hope you have enjoyed these teachings and that they provide much food for thought. I will be building on them in my construction of better maps in the months to come.

For more on Glenda Green and how she came to have a long conversation with Jesus , read about The Lamb and the Lion on her website.


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  1. Wow…what a treat to syncronisticly run across this!! I’m a huge fan of Glenda Green and have read LWE 4 times. It is my “Go To” book for Science and Spirituality and I admire your dissertation on the Adamatine Particles. Makes my heart smile and feel full of love. The last chapter about the DNA change and the healing of Separation was a game changer for my own understanding of why Jesus really is the Savior of mankind but not at all like it is taught in Christianity.
    I think this book is one of the clearest, most grounded communications anyone has received in modern times. Thanks Again!!

  2. wow, thank you for sharing. i can see adamantine particles and learned the name about a year ago. it has been an interesting topic to me since originally i questioned the reality of what i see. i have confidence now in what i am experiencing and the power it holds!