Household Recycling Problems for Industrial Designers

This was my part of a presentation given by Sustain Floyd to an Industrial Design class at Virginia Tech on Household Recycling Problems to inspire our next generation of designers to design for sustainability.


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This episode was recorded before the presentation was given (read below). It went really well! Both the students and other presenters seemed to get a lot of out of it, including entertainment value, so that was a relief. Because I got SO nervous right as I began the presentation. I need to figure out how to deal with the adrenaline rush because I literally felt like I could barely get the words out without stumbling. They said they couldn’t tell at all, but I could! Anyway, enjoy.

This week I’ve been asked to be part of a presentation by Sustain Floyd to an Industrial Design class at Virginia Tech, shepherded by Martha Sullivan, the Department Chair and an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Industrial Design program. It was such an honor and exciting for me, because as you may know, I believe in good design!

Sustain Floyd is sponsoring a sustainability design contest, and I was asked to present problems for the students to think about from a householder point of view: everyday recycling challenges. I had so many!

I thought I’d share the presentation with you. I’m sure most of y’all aren’t industrial designers, but anyone involved in product creation, non-digital marketing materials, and even everyday folks just trying to do a good job recycling might get some food for thought from this. (Also, I didn’t have time because of this presentation to write a brand new post).


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  • Seaspiracy, Netflix documentary
  • Breaking Boundaries, Netflix documentary with Johan Rockström, founder of the Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • The Nine Boundaries from the Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Preserve Recycled Plastic Manufacturing pioneers
  • Plastic by the Numbers from Eartheasy Guides & Articles

Twitter post from Johan Rockström:


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