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The Least of These, Our Insect Teachers

Butterfly on my toe
Let’s face it, most of us, most of the time, assume insects are simply too tiny and primitive to interact with in any meaningful way except to objectify as pest, mindless bug, or at best, ecological agent (e.g., pollinator, predator, or even food). After working with bees and wasps, I’m convinced there is so much more to them, and I have updates on my carpenter bee saga to share in the next few posts. But here, I want to look at age-old attitudes toward insects and their surprising lack of representation even among indigenous wisdom traditions where you would expect to find them.
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Tapping The Reservoir of Joy

One of my favorite resources for managing anxiety, depression, frustration, or boredom is to tap the reservoir of joy that seems to dwell beneath the shallower currents of my daily cares. It is a wonderful resource that I want to share here, a resource for wild and uncertain times like these, as well as for times of peace. So, in this post I will share some background principles and then steps for accessing your own reservoir of joy.
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What Is The Imaginal? And How Does It Differ from Visionary Processes?

What Is the Imaginal (image of my mother in her garden)
In this post, I answer the question I've been getting ever since I relaunched this website: what is the imaginal? It is a good question and an important inquiry. I'm actually surprisingly happy with where I arrived in my understanding by taking on the topic. This, by the way, is part of the revelatory nature of the imaginal process, and one of the reasons I love doing this so much.
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