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Tapping The Reservoir of Joy

One of my favorite resources for managing anxiety, depression, frustration, or boredom is to tap the reservoir of joy that seems to dwell beneath the shallower currents of my daily cares. It is a wonderful resource that I want to share here, a resource for wild and uncertain times like these, as well as for times of peace. So, in this post I will share some background principles and then steps for accessing your own reservoir of joy.
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The Magic Bubble

Episode 16: Where You Place Your Attention
With the world gazing down the barrel of World War III and fresh on the heels of the craziest two years since WWII, I want to share a perspective that's helped me so much to keep my sanity and optimism in these troubling times. This is the deliberate choice to look somewhere else, and ways to build a magic bubble to both improve well-being and contribute something beautiful and hopeful, even if it's small, to a troubled world.
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Cancer Is A Symptom II: With Roots in the Heart

Cancer is a symptom of our dissociation from the wisdom of the heart. This is an invitation to come back to a deeper radiance that can shelter us from harm. It will require that you confront some painful truths about the ways we all, usually unconsciously, participate in worldviews that sacrifice wonder and love for the sake of profits, assets, and convenience. Nowhere do we see this more clearly than in the relationship with our food animals, like the endangered Atlantic bluefin tuna, source of the delicacies of maguro sushi and sashimi.
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