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Cancer Is A Symptom

Baby lying a carpet
I believe the epidemic of cancer is a symptom of a psychic or sensory deadness that fails to register toxins in our environment. We don't dodge or avoid them when we should, and our societies continue to tolerate toxins in our industries. Retraining our senses is a powerful first step to eliminating the widespread incidence of cancer.
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Great Generosity (the Jupiter Principle)

When terrible needs arise, it's natural to look for saviors. But there is another way: to respond with great generosity. This is the Jupiter Principle, and I'm going to illustrate this by telling a story about how I decided to take action about climate crisis, and how the willingness to be the solution has opened up all new possibilities. This is not meant to preach or pressure activism, but to offer a pivot for when you're feeling overwhelmed by dire needs.
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The 2021 Eco Sampler Pack

This is a collection of daily consumables that are both affordable, effective, and make a big dent in issues like carbon footprint and environmental costs. This kind of shift enables the ordinary person to use one of their greatest leverages to combat climate crisis: their power as a consumer.
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