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The Magic Bubble

Episode 16: Where You Place Your Attention
With the world gazing down the barrel of World War III and fresh on the heels of the craziest two years since WWII, I want to share a perspective that's helped me so much to keep my sanity and optimism in these troubling times. This is the deliberate choice to look somewhere else, and ways to build a magic bubble to both improve well-being and contribute something beautiful and hopeful, even if it's small, to a troubled world.
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Cancer Is A Symptom III: Dastardly and Immoral Deeds

With this post, we come to the end of my series on cancer. The topic here, the deeply immoral decisions that expose us to powerful cancer-causing agents, reaches far beyond just cancer itself. We're going to explore the troubling realm of DU weapons before we take a look at ways to pivot from a natural response of depression or reactionary activism to strengthening the heart as a muscle, as a defense against depression, anxiety, overwhelm, and hopelessness.
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Great Generosity (the Jupiter Principle)

When terrible needs arise, it's natural to look for saviors. But there is another way: to respond with great generosity. This is the Jupiter Principle, and I'm going to illustrate this by telling a story about how I decided to take action about climate crisis, and how the willingness to be the solution has opened up all new possibilities. This is not meant to preach or pressure activism, but to offer a pivot for when you're feeling overwhelmed by dire needs.
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A dragonfly on a wheat stalk
I wrote this article about ten years ago, reflecting on community after returning to Virginia from San Francisco. It makes me think of my family, and I’m feeling sentimental about them today, so I thought I’d share it again.
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