Astrology Resources

This is a collection of astrology resources I have created, use regularly, and may have referred to in the podcast.
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This is a collection of astrology resources I have created, as well as a few offsite links. Obviously, the material on astrology is vast and this is not a guide to all of that, but a guide to the content I have created, use regularly, and have referred to in the podcast.

Working with Your Transits Guide

Learn how to find your personal transits every month with a worksheet for recording your Natal planets and points. This guide also includes general astrological information on the planetary and zodiacal archetypes, aspects and orbs, and more for working with your own transits.

The Venus Cycle

I have created quite a lot of material for working with the Venus Cycle, including outlines of the 2020-2021 and 2022-2023 Venus cycles each with clickable links to the charts for all of the key points during the cycles. There are blog posts which go into skywatching, as well as the mythic and astrological dimensions for both Venus and the Moon. The *Starshine* Planners from 2021 (scroll down) also have quite a bit of information about Venus in them.

  • Astrology Resources

    Astrology Resources

    This is a collection of astrology resources I have created, use regularly, and may have referred to in the podcast.

  • The 2022 Venus Morning Gates

    This is part skywatching guide for the 2022 Venus-Moon morning sky alignments, and a deeper dive into the mythic and astrological meanings associated with the Venus Morning Gates.

  • Reflections on Venus, the Morning Star

    Episode 8: Reflections on Venus

    This is a skywatching guide for observing Venus in the morning sky in early 2022, as well as a reflection on Venus’ mythological history and archetypal astrological associations.

The Mercury Cycle

June 2021 was an amazing time for Mercury. The solar eclipse in Gemini featured Mercury retrograde conjunct the sun within a degree of the eclipse. Gemini is Mercury’s ruler, and the retrograde conjunct the sun phase is the very magical gnostic Alchemical Mercury able to receive direct transmissions from Source.

My work with the Mercury Cycle is still evolving, but here is a handout tracking the key points in the 2021-2022 Mercury Cycles:

*Starshine* Astrological Planner

More Astrology Resources

  • Shamanic Astrology – I was certified as a Shamanic Astrologer in 2006. The school is undergoing a major evolution and a new website is under construction (long overdue!). Over the years I have drifted a bit from some of its core teachings, but this is my major astrological influence. I remain involved as a member of the Esoteric Council (just beginning).
  • Cosmos and Psyche – Richard Tarnas is my other major teacher, though I’ve only had the privilege of working with his book so far, despite his having taught at CIIS while I was there working on my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. I was trying to go mainstream. It didn’t work. Tarnas’ website hasn’t been updated recently, but you can look into his work and read some essays. I highly recommend the book.
  • Free astrology charts –
  • Free skywatching guides –
  • Free sky visualization online app –

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