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Venus Cycle 2023-2025 Calendar and Planner

A 588 day planner and calendar for seekers and dreamers, with Venusian astronomy, mythology, astrological charts and interpretations for key points in the 2023-2025 Venus Cycle, week-at-a-glance calendar pages, worksheets for calculating personal transits, and space for reflection and observation.


“Through the eons since life on Earth emerged in the ancient tide pools, Venus has shone as a brilliant star in the morning and evening sky, meeting the crescent moon once a month, disappearing and reappearing in a regular rhythm. Less omnipresent than the sun or moon, but often the only star visible at dawn or dusk, Venus has inspired art, religion, culture, and poetry for millennia, known to many peoples as the Morning Star and Evening Star.”

“Yet, Venus possesses many old tricks, and when all else fails, can strike with an incandescent passion impossible to deny. In this, it is your wholeness calling. Indeed, the soul’s passion for unity is one of the sweetest most powerful in life. So, if you should find yourself compelled, passionately drawn by the shining allure of an unimaginable love, or by an object of desire you must have, know that you may be feeling the call of Venus. May your work with the Venus cycle become the kurgarra and galatur to bring the gifts of that union to share with the world.”

“This is a good time to acknowledge the abuse and subjugation of women and the feminine by the patriarchy for much of the past four to six thousand years. With this history still lapping about our feet, its assumptions continue to infuse our imagination. Thankfully, definitions of femininity are being upended. The twelve signs in which Venus can operate give us some handholds for this work, but we look forward to the ways future generations will continue to redefine femininity and gender identity.”

“This is the same kind of astrology with which this planner engages. We are less concerned with prediction, and more concerned with personal growth, transformation, and the evolution of consciousness. We are mindful of the ways that even our language about “the light of consciousness,” and “enlightenment” echoes the celestial luminaries we contemplate. We know that none of this is accidental, all of it speaking to us through the wise subterranean meaning-maker inside our own hearts and in our shared culture, language, and art.”

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